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About our Company

Our Company

This website is owned and operated by Deed Dot Com Dot Au Pty ltd. Established in 2007; we are one of the pioneers in the development of cloud solutions for the accounting industry. Our services include online creation, delivery and management of legal documents. Our partnership with a leading Sydney law firm Batallion Legal aims to provide you with a high quality legal documents at a reasonable price.

About our Deed

Our Deed

We strive to provide you with the most technically robust trust deed, written in a simple and lucid manner. Our trust deeds are reliable and secure, and are updated regularly to include all the latest updates to superannuation and other relevant laws to ensure that you remain compliant at all times. For more details about the clauses our trust deed covers;

About our Solicitor

Our Solicitor

Our trust deed is written by Batallion Legal, a niche multicultural corporate and commercial law firm based in Sydney, considered a leader in property, trust, taxation and superannuation law. They use a plain language approach to their trust deeds; simple yet technically proficient. We can also arrange a consultation with them, should you require.

About our Services

About our Services

www.smsfdeed.com.au was developed in response to a growing market need for a website that could integrate a SMSF Trust Deed, establishing a Corporate trustee for a SMSF and an ABN/TFN application, all within a single application. Our intelligently design form helps you complete the application quicker by avoiding duplication of data entry; all at our great value for money prices.