Website Integration

What is website integration?

Website integration gives the impression to visitors that they are using your website, when, in reality they are using our system.

Once the visitor clicks the Start Now button, they are on our website, but it is “masked” by your website. Your client never really leaves your site and they never know that the engine working behind your site is from another provider.

This means that the two websites have integrated. Everything appears to be happening on your website -- our website will virtually become yours. This technology of masking is fairly new and is called iFrame technology.

What website integration can do?

Integration gives browsers (visitors of your website) an impression that you provide the service to the visitor. By integrating our website with yours, you will be masking our logo with your logo. This gives the feeling to the browser that it is your website and not ours.

Benefits of using website integration

There are several reasons why you should consider integrating your website with us:

  • We have invested more than a couple of years using a team of three business analysts and six IT resources to build our website. Your website will acquire this technology in less than a week;
  • You can capture the traffic on your website, generating incremental cash flow;
  • You can use our formidable cloud based facility, creating a better image for your company without huge capital investment;

How website integration is done

Website integration is a combined effort by both our IT teams. This is why you will need to complete some work at your end.

Website integration Process

  • Order website integration from us (by choosing the right size of website, if you do not have a website);
  • Order an SSL Certificate for your website for security and a member of our IT team will contact you;
  • Once code is installed on your website the process of integration is complete;
  • You may develop a “how it works” page on your website to tell browsers (visitors) how the system works.

Integration Guideline

Please follow below few simple steps to integrate our online SMSF Set Up form into your website

  • Click here to Download the file SMSF.txt
  • Copy all the text from the SMSF.txt File and Paste it on the new page of your website where you want to show SMSF application form
  • Contact us to get your API key for your website
  • Replace the text "YourAPIKey" in your integration code with the API key given by us. That's it, You are good to go.
Download SMSF.TXT

If you do not have a website, we can even build one for you. Below are our prices. Please note that you will have to provide content (text) which will go on the website. It takes us about 5 working days to complete the website, together with integration and hosting from the day you provide us your logo and content which has to go on your website.

The basic quotes for our services are as below:

*Does not include, About us, Contact us, Terms of use, Privacy Policy & Registration pages

These prices are based on the assumption that the web design is provided including your company logo. All prices are Aus $’s excluding GST – we encourage users to look at various website designs which can be purchased from